Raffaella Giampaolo

Raffaella Giampaolo

From a young age Raffaella used her intuitive and empathic nature to help others. She was born into a close-knit Italian family in the city of Philadelphia. At the age of 15, she lost her father, which led to her battle with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. After 8 years of grieving, she reached a point where she had lost all faith in life. Then suddenly she was divinely guided to learn about the after-life and understand the meaning behind her loss. As she began to reconnect with her intuition she experienced a series of “chance” encounters with mediums, psychics, shamans and energy healers that further expanded her awareness. These new relationships led her to discover her own healing abilities when she began to unexpectedly receive messages from her father and stranger’s loved ones in spirit, while also becoming increasingly sensitive to the energy of those around her.

With the support of other healers, she focused on developing her connection to the Other Side. Soon after she opened up her healing practice and now offers Guidance and Energy Healing to clients in San Diego and all over the world. In session, Raffaella channels guidance from your Divine Team made up of angels, guides, spirit animals, and loved ones, and provides energy healing as a certified Reiki Master. Clients walk away feeling supported and optimistic, with specific tools for how to move forward in their life.

Through it all, Raffaella remains committed to learning and growing every day and it is her greatest passion to support others in their journey.

When she’s not in session with clients, she loves nothing more than swimming in the ocean or hiking with her fiancé and friends. As long as she’s outside in the sun, with the people she loves, everything is right in her world.

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Divine Grace Buszka

My name is Divine Grace Buszka, and I am an energy healer, seer, open channel, and spiritual teacher in San Diego, California. I am also a mom to an amazing little boy who knows more about love more than any other adult I know. I am a wife to a very talented, brilliant and funny improv comedian who I absolutely am still smitten with as if we just had a first date yesterday. I enjoy long runs, cooking, literally stopping and smelling the flowers, I carry books with me wherever I go, and have them in every room of the house. I LOVE to read, and I love to write. I have a thing for spy movies and hope to be a secret agent in another life someday. I recently had to become gluten free and so now, I am always on the hunt for delicious gluten free pizza!

My practice is called Divine Grace Today, because the foundation of my healing practice has a lot to do with ancient truths and mysteries from the past that I bring back here today to share and help people heal with. My main philosophy is “Know Thyself”- that being the rock of everything that I do, and how I help people heal and create a luscious and bountiful life!

I believe that in order to fully heal ourselves in the present, and to get rid of current discomforts, we must allow ourselves to fully be present with our past and help understand the experiences there that have greatly impacted us. Through the understanding of our past experiences, we start to heal the root cause of our limiting beliefs, blocks and wounds. As we heal those wounds from the past, the energy shifts for the better in the current as well. Not only do we get to experience healing, but then we are more able to instantly manifest love, joy, peace, beauty, and abundance in our lives. It starts with the Self. Know Thyself. I continue to share all these truths with the world hoping to empower others to self realize their own God self and to perform the greatest alchemy of man: transforming one’s self from being in a state of fear to being in a state of love.

With guidance from Spirit, I help individuals on their healing, self love, and ascension journey by walking them through deeply understanding and getting to know themselves and their experiences. I am certified in Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology Therapy (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and I am also a Reiki Master. As my healing and coaching sessions have evolved and defined throughout the years, I’ve created a unique way for Spirit to really come in and help one to really deepen their healing journey, and ultimately, to help them awaken to who they are through the learning of themselves. In my healing transmisson sessions, I channel Divine Light Language which is a form of sound and vibrational healing. Allowing the sound and frequencies to come in as Light medicine, creating Light keys to help unlock self healing properties within the vibrational body. I get to see the person as a soul and see where their wounds are located in their stories and experiences. I also channel a collective of the Higher Evolved Light Beings (which includes the Lords of the Cosmos, Ascended Masters and Angelic Host) during readings, and during my talks. Ultimately, what WE (myself and the collective of Higher Evolved Beings that I channel) intend to bring to the people I interact with, connect with in session, or those who attend my events and talks, is deep healing and guidance in their journey of becoming (God).

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Melanie Esperon

Melanie Esperon was born and raised in Sunny San Diego, California. As a natural born Clairvoyant, she thought everyone saw as she did. She quickly realized that she was a tad different and that society wasn’t quite open to her “seeing” abilities. With that, she remained quiet and went along with the crowd. In her 20’s, she lived through a forseen tragedy of her love passing away where she was brought to a place of deep struggle and the only route left, was to rise. Inevitably, she was drawn back into her most authentic self. Prophetic Channel. Healer. Guide.

She trained extensively under the wings of public figures such as: Doreen Virtue of Hay House, Joy Guerrero of Angel Talk Café and many more. In her own words, “My highest teachers have been the books I read, the emotions that stick and the synchronicities of people and events that I cannot seem to justify as a coincidence.” She immersed herself whole heartedly into the world of (w)holistics where she believes that true healing can only occur with the alignment of mind, body and soul.

Through countless validations, Reiki Room San Diego was born. Melanie spent almost 10 years of service channeling for and training clients worldwide. With the mixture of intuition, reiki and meditation she was able to resonate with people from all walks of life.

With divine timing, Melanie has partnered with On Route 44 and Divine Grace Today to become One as: Eve of Light. Join Eve of Light as they continue to guide you through past, present and future. The Journey of Self.

Instagram: @reikiroomsd